Alice in Waifuland Weeb Tray

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Waifu Cups Alice in Waifuland Weeb Tray

  • Limited Quantity Exclusive Item - WILL NOT RESTOCK!
  • 1x Collectable Metal Tray featuring Waifu Cup S6.4: Alice in Waifuland Design
  • Lightweight Tin Metal Tray with Magnetic Lid
  • Full Color Print on Lid and Top of Tray
  • 8⅛ L x 4⅛ W x 5/8 H  (inches) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Daniel Varga
Cute Tray

Alice is dangerously cute on this tray.

Ricardo C
Great tray

The tray is amazing as the art quality and material quality is top notch. The magnet is also pretty handy, as it doesn't come off easily so you don't need to worry about losing it.

Nick Ouellette
Amazing Quality, Amazing Art

Amazing Quality tray, love the magnetic lid it comes with. Art is top tier as always.

My only "issue" is it's a bit smaller than expected but that's on me for not reading the size before ordering. Grind my flower and just dump it in the tray - magnetic lid ensures it doesn't spill out and nothing else gets in.

Mikel R.

Works Excellent and Holds all of the items that would need a tray

Charles Pinkerton
I got naughty cats

My cats really be knocking EVERYTHING over- I've lost so many precious piles until I got this tray :) magnet is strong enough to keep itself shut when it gets swiped onto the floor.