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matthew bolton

i love this product as a replacement for energy drinks and its great because there's no crash and surprisingly nice flavours and a natural kinda caffeine feel. 10/10 would buy a life time supply if i wasn't poor

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Jan Brabetz
It seems nice

I am very much looking forward to recieving my package which i ordered a month ago

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Jaroslav Mareš

Good samles

Quality cup And decent products

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Jaedon Brunt
The best powdered energy drink I've ever had!

This was so good and I honestly would buy more when i get the chance. Best Powdered energy drink I've ever had and It's so useful if you're on a ketogenic diet cause you don't crash, there is no sugar and there's no carbs. It's also amazing for people with diabetes as it doesn't even touch you're blood sugar so it's a very great product 100% would try again.

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Jake Logsdon

The sample pack gives a good variety of flavors and it actually gives you enough gg to drink it for a couple days to see if it is for you. Especially a good deal if you can get free shipping from a creator's coupon code.

Good with the right ratio

I recommend using a bit less powder, for it will be quite sweet.
In my opinion, it does not taste like apple pie, but I guess I haven't eaten the right kind of pie.

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adam sohl

Loved the flavors and decently cheap too. Also really good flavors and would buy more.

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William R.

10/10 would buy again

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Simon van Gulik
Just awesome

I first wanna say that gamersupps is one of the only drinks I drink while gaming and on school for focus, because it is just tasteful and it is very healthy in my opinion. Second of all it is not too expensive so you can probably afford it, I am still buying this because I just really like it and I think you should too, so if you don’t wanna spend money on something you don’t know, just get the free samples (which for me wasn’t free, shipping was an issue lol) but nevertheless, I would definitely recommend it.

Love the cup very good flavors

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Andrew Butler
Some good, but some bad

The majority of the flavors are nice. Infact all of them are nice if you know what to expect. Sadly I went into this not knowing what to expect.

Pineaple, Mango, and blue were all amazing, I will definetly be getting one or all of these in the future. While overly hyped, guacomole was kind of meh for me. I'm not a big fan of avocado and it didn't seem like that was the flavor I was getting.

Then man milk *shudders* I do not want to suck from the titty of a man. And while I hoped this was just a gag, and it would be something simple like strawberry or some other fruity flavor.... when I tasted "Berry's and Cream" I nearly gagged... cause all I could think of were those man's pecks.... and it was sickening to me.

Other than that, great stuff! I've already ordered a full bottle of a different flavor to try!

Great alternative

I tried the free sample as an alternative for other energy drinks and the effect were better than what I expected I felt more focused for the whole duration of my gaming session. The taste is still a bit too chemical but that’s okay

Came for art, Stayed for Flavour

I usually can't stomach bloody orange but this is the sole exception.

i'm blue da ba dee

Tastes amazing.
Recommended 3 servings for 750ml tasted too strongly for me but tasted perfect for myself when I cut it down to only 2 servings.
Would buy again once I run out.

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Maston Hall
Top tier stuff

great flavor selection, who knew titty milk tasted like blue raspberry? or that a gamers fart taste like strawberry kiwi! good stuff definitely will be buying more.

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Fed the samples to friends.

The over all consensus, was Gamer Guacamole was the best, then titty milk. No one liked Blow hole blast.

So mad.

Seriously. Amazing flavor. No weird jitters. Affordable. 10/10 will buy again.

can't complain

gets the job done and me and the boys get pumped for the gym!

Pretty decent

Pretty good stuff, doesn’t make me sick or feel off like other energy drinks, it’s perfect for when i wake up in the before i go To work. I love the open lable policy, but wish the some of the branding was more discrete. Generally a good product would recommend especially if Most energy drinks make you sick like me.

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Daniel Greň

Taste was good it didn't blow me away with either packet but the caffeine kick was something else

Lean Review

The taste of the mix is as promised, a nice flavor of tea and lemonade. I bought it because I received a promotional email offering me a free shaker cup with the purchase. I got my order, but no shaker cup. I reached out to the company to ask about it, but got no response. Even as I write this I've heard nothing back. So I'm guessing I'm not getting my shaker cup. Anyway, good flavor. GG owes me a cup.

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Adam Fudge
Awesome flavors and amazing product!

I highly recommend trying out this sample pack! I'm definitely going to be buying some gamer supps in the near future!

My honest review

Honestly I used to think that my life was going to amount to nothing. But after I got LEAN I felt like a new man. I realized that as long as I had LEAN my life was complete. With LEAN I was able to jump 10ft in the air, with LEAN I was able to grow another 6 inches (if you know what I mean), with LEAN I was able to get a girlfriend, with LEAN I was able to grow better as a person. I’ve never felt better and it’s all thanks to LEAN.