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Waifu Cups x CaseOh
Buddy Henderson
Flavor almost as big as Caseoh

This Caseoh cup is now my favorite mixer cup. I take it everywhere I go. The flavor of the the sample mixes also shocked me for how good they were. My fiance was a bit skeptical about the names lol, but she loves them as well. I have now put in orders for other flavors, this time in tubs. Highly recommend this product.


Probably one of the best cherry ish flavors I’ve ever had.

Flavor wizards made magic happen with this one!

Easily one of my favourite flavors, tastes nearly identical to cherry blasters candy, but in a drink form!

It's absolutely delicious, the sour is just the perfect amount of tart, even has some zing, & maybe a tinge of zang

Absolutely fun & powerful flavour that somehow doesn't even overwhelm, highly recommended

Comfortable texture

The material the shirt is made from is very comfortable and breathes well. Design is crisp and clean.

This cup is the best!

This cup is the bomb! I take it everywhere with me, even when I just throw it in my backpack. And guess what? No spills! It's the best cup ever.

Waifu Alice

Honestly my favorite cup at the moment. I bought it with the bucket hat and I don’t regret it.

good but sour

I was pleasantly surprised by how potent and sour it was but so delicious

Waifu Cups x CaseOh
luis Aguero

I love the cup so much and the flavors taste just as great! Way better than when I tried gfuel.

Free GG Samples
Danielle B
Wish they sold the packets!

Love how easy it is to take the smaple packets on the go! Love having a few stashed in my purse to throw into a water bottle when in need. Wish they sold large quantity variety packs of the packets.

Love the dual flavor!

Sweet six pack is so amazing! The way the pineapple hits up front followed by a smooth cherry after taste is totally worth its weight in gold!

Oddly nostalgic

Reminds me of sour ice pops. The expensive kind

Waifu Cups x CaseOh
Jayden Gould-Martin
very good

this cup is very good not only does it have a good design it works really well with mixing and it does not leak

Raw Meat - 100 Servings
Nathanael Winter
The real deal!

It tastes exactly like the melon, and as a cantaloupe lover I can't recommend it enough

Waifu Cups x CaseOh
Hunter Williamson

The cup came quick and looked nice the flavors are far better then competitor's


Yeah pretty epic.

Damm good

One of the first few flavours I even got from the samples was damm good so I got this as one of my first tub and yeah damm good

Really nice tea flavor

Really refreshing tea flavor, one of my favorites right now. I hope they have more tea flavors in the future cuz this one is so good! Especially on a hot day.

Free GG Samples
ilisiah ortiz
free samples

free packs was grate, know what I'm getting next.

Pretty heavy cup

The design was pretty nice and the flavors tasted good too.

no matter who the collabe is with its always liquid gold

The flavor of this GG is by far amazing for a sunny day. its got every hint and note of Iced Tea with pomegranate! great to sit down and relax or even more so for doing hard work just take a sip of this and refresh your thirst.

Lean - 100 Servings
Calum Thomas Michael Chandler milln
Excellent flavour

Really nice flavour, not too sweet, very refreshing. Probably in my top 3 flavours now.

Anime Girl thigh is like heaven

Ever wonder if you can recall the flavor of a wonderful orange creamsicle? This flavor hits every note of the OG days of chilling by the pool with a creamsicle! Highly would recommend to anyone if they've tried it before or not.

GOOD - 100 Servings
Shadow Van Dine
Pretty good

It's good

Waifu Cups x CaseOh
Selena Dube
So Nice!!

As a huge fan of caseoh and gamer supps this collaboration is amazing. The quality of the cup itself is awesome and the sample packs are delicious! Highly recommend