Waifu Gaming Sleeves - Samurai

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Samurai Waifu Gaming Sleeves!

  • Proprietary GG™ Material to keep you cool and sweat-free
  • Flat Seams for smooth gliding across any surface with flat seams
  • Compression to increase blood circulation
  • Carefully Detailed with Waifu Cup S3.7: Samurai
  • Upgrade your performance with comfort and style
  • Friendly Reminder to hand wash and hang dry all Gaming Sleeves
  • Artist: @Beyumi__
  • 2x Waifu Sleeves per pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sincerely, James Wilhelmi
Expressive, Bold, Timeless

The garments are smooth and soothing on the appendages. The printing on said garments is crisp and vivid. They do not accerelate perspiration and have strong and firm stitching. I am delighted that I bought this pair in XXL, my first pair in L was stretching to it's limits valiantly, whilst this one sits securely with room for growth.

Matthew Aragon
Amazing fit!

Super great quality super soft and also great fit!

Salsashark Jr.
Surprisingly Cool (Temperature and Style)

I always wanted a pair of gaming sleeves out of curiosity. Surely they don't do anything, I thought. How wrong I was. They feel nice, keep my arms cooled, have little to no friction, and they look kinda cute. Now, as a big and burly man with a beard, wearing cute stuff isn't really my style usually, but these are the exception. Chose this specific design because it's the same as the first Waifu Cup I ever received, which was also part of a free deal. Would recommend.

Kelsey R.


Arnold Abraham

What's a gaming sleeve? Don't know. But I do like how it feels. It's very comfortable, and the design is also cute and detailed. 5/5 would(and will) buy again