Waifu Cups Season 5 Weeb Tray

Waifu Cups Season 5 Weeb Tray

  • Limited Quantity Exclusive Item - WILL NOT RESTOCK!
  • 1x Collectable Metal Tray featuring Commemorative Waifu Cups S5 Design
  • Lightweight Tin Metal Tray with Magnetic Lid
  • Full Color Print on Lid and Top of Tray
  • 8⅛ L x 4⅛ W x 5/8 H  (inches) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Daniel V.
Too Many Waifus?

There is no such thing as too many waifus

Jean Vargas
The art is solid

Is a nice piece for collection and it looks amazing the art is gorgeous and the colors look amazing

👍🏿👍🏿Best thing

Magnetic Lid? High Def. Printing?! AND gloss?! Legit the last smoke tray I'll ever need, but not the last tray I'll get. 22 Altoids out of 22. would impulse purchase again. may have used prior to writing this

Tyler E

as someone who loves to partake of the weeb often i never seen or thought of a magnetic cover as it keeps the weeb smell from permeating the room
love the design, its beautiful colors ensure i never lose it in the dark and its a very convenient size as it fits in the back pocket for a Weeb on the go

Salsashark Jr.
Fun Trinket

Now, the obvious implication of something called a "Weeb Tray" is to use it for certain herbs. Grind 'em, roll 'em, even just storing 'em thanks to the included magnetic lid. Whether or not you should be partaking in said herbs? That's up to your local lawmakers. Not from an ethical or moral standpoint, more from a "you probably want to not go to prison" standpoint. That aside, use it however you like. I took the magnetic lid and stuck it my fridge like a giant fridge magnet. Looks good. The tray I use for holding my GamerSupps sample packets. Once I run out of those, who knows? Might be a good change dish, could use it to catch GG powder while filling smaller travel containers, or just a pretty trinket to look at. Merch to represent the brand. Whatever the case, it looks good, is quality built, and has function. Worth the price, can't complain. Not as big as I expected, but that's on me for not busting out the ruler I keep under my pillow.