Waifu Cup Display Case

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Waifu Cup Display Case

  • Get a Pack of 12 Display Cases Here!
  • 1x Plastic Display Case 
  • Each Case Fits One Waifu Cup
  • 4" L x 4" W x 9" H  

Customer Reviews

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inexpensive yet effective, worth the extra 2 bucks to enshrine your majestical GG cup for display.

I thought it would be out of glass or something but it's actually a piece of cnc'd plastic that feels durable and thick (I wouldn't worry about breaking the case when folding it). For 2 dollars, with simple "assembly", it's worth for protecting and displaying your cup from any dust or potential accidents with liquids.

Pez Parrilla
Great but I couldn't figure out how to fold the bottom.

I think the display case is pretty nice, seems to keep dust out, but I needed help figuring out how to fold the bottom together, I personally dislike those designs, no instructions

Good case

Couldnt have my Wubby waifu collecting dust, Denise deserves the best. This does the trick to put on a shelf. I almost threw it away because it was at the bottom of a box and had no packaging so it was just clear. Other than that it is awesome!

Bonnie Jones

The case is easy to fold and make and is the perfect size for the cups. Didn't realise it had a peelable surface protector as it's clear, but looks good with or without it on. Will definitely be getting more.

Jaylen Hargett
The Displays are perfect

I was a bit stumbled at first, they actually came out great. they should add a little instruction paper for people to build it