Sinder Mouse Pad

Sinder Mouse Pad

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  • 35" x 16"(inches) Rectangular Desktop Mouse Pad
  • Full Color Print In Collaboration with Sinder
  • Polyester Cloth Blend for Smooth Cool Gliding
  • 4mm Rubber Base to Keep Mousepad in Place
  • Strong Double-Stitched Edges for Long Lasting Durability
  • Water Resistant Coating for Protection from Spills
  • Artist: @NanolessP

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Hubert Klimczak
Perfect size and style

Never had a more suitable mouse pad for my setup


I love looking at her while I game

Tyler DeVries

I find myself just looking at the art on the mousepad, it's just so well done! Sinder was the first VTuber I ever started watching, and that got me to become more invested in the genre! So I like having this mousepad as a little nod to her! Aside, from that, this is a good sized, high quality mousepad for anyone who enjoys the adorable design!

Quite pretty

Was honestly surprised by the size of it. Going to take some work to make it fit on my desk. Still...amazing quality and a nice design plus Sinder is one of few Vtubers I Don't mind occasionally watching a vid from (time zones make streams a no go for me) so I'm OK giving little support

Sean Graeber
Amazing quality

Absolutely amazing quality! And is actually spill resistant